Dodo II

E5F46FAD-F13C-444C-BCDA-DE9F9F7F5663I painted a dodo a while back, which is going to a new home as soon as the lockdown finishes. But then my sister piped up that she really liked it and could I do another. I’ve filmed the whole process, so if you hop over to YouTube you can see it in two parts:

preparation and painting:

applying the gold leaf:


First I prepared the panel, with a collaged background and modelling paste on its head and wing, with crackle paste on its feet. I then painted on three layers of watercolour ground:

Then I painted the bird using Indian ink and watercolour:

next I used gold size (tinted blue) to cover the background and once dry applied the gold leaf.

finally I popped it in a vintage frame, after sealing it with a spray metal lacquer.

hope you like it!D5E65066-20BC-41C6-BD74-E90D1D5BB85A



About Liz Chaderton

Artist celebrating the natural world with joy and wonder
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