I have been wanting to paint a pair of fighting pheasants on canvas for a while, but it will be quite a challenge and I keep putting it off. So, today I bit the bullet (slightly).

Having been doing lots of pen and wash over the last couple of days, I decided to have a go – I started gently with a single happy bird, progressed to a ruffled chap and then did a pair. I am happy with the dynamic and now have to work out how to retain the simplicity and spontaneity in watercolour on its own, rather than using the pen as a crutch… At least I had plenty for #worldwatercolormonth day 13!








About lizintheshed

Watercolour artist and copywriter, living and working in the Thames Valley.
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8 Responses to Pheasants

  1. WOWSER! Love these… the colors… the abstraction… the motion and life… beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous colours Liz, love it! 🤓👍🏻

  3. M. L. Kappa says:

    They’re lovely? Do you post on Instagram too?

  4. lizintheshed says:

    Hiya – one thing too far for me, so no to Instagram. I find by the time I have updated my website, artist facebook page, personal facebook, twitter, blog, facebook for a gallery I work with, their twitter account, pinterest, flickr…. I just need to rest in a darkened room!! I need stretchy hours!!

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