Christmas is coming – watercolour greetings cards

In the next couple of weeks I am running a few watercolour sessions so it seemed only right to make them as Christmassy as possible, while teaching the basics of watercolour. I’ve hit upon the (probably not very original) idea of producing watercolour cards while learning flat washes, pen and ink, wet in wet, textures etc.

I hope everyone will go away with something they can give with love, even if they haven’t picked up a paint brush for years.

First flat and variegated washes, via some simple baubles. We will then learn about pen and wash…..


Next, softening off, edges, glazing, colour transparency, pen and wash using the pen first – all via some Christmas lights….. (many thanks to for the idea)


Next wet in wet, mixing colour on the paper rather than by glazing or in the palette…..


Followed by understanding positive and negative space….. (The tree shape is from Linda Kemp, with thanks)


How to bring texture into watercolour. A forest of styalised trees painted with a triangular template (huge thanks to Art Tutor on YouTube for this one!

Here’s the template, followed by possible results:




Mark making beyond using brushes…… (based on an image by Carolyn Carter).



I think that should cover the basics. If you have any ideas for simple, achieveable cards – please share them quickly (and before 25 December!!)


About lizintheshed

Watercolour artist and copywriter, living and working in the Thames Valley.
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