Feedback wanted!

Bit of a departure for me – I am doing a series of musical instruments for someone – not a cow in sight! These paintings may end up as greetings cards, but I want them to work as paintings, not just illustrations.

This is the first:

KODAK Digital Still Camera I wanted to get the feeling of the music spilling out of the French Horn, rather than simply trying to capture the shiny, hard nature of brass. But I didn’t want to do that cliche thing of musical notes and stave.This is also why I didn’t go for brassy colours.

The violin is the second. With a square format, the belly seems to be the most interesting part, though I may have a go at the scroll, because they are beautiful. I have just googled ‘violin watercolour’ and found an almost identical picture (well apart from the colour), which proves yet again that there a no new ideas in the world.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

So before I go on to a piano and electric guitar, I would love feedback. What do you think? All feedback welcome!


About lizintheshed

Watercolour artist and copywriter, living and working in the Thames Valley.
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2 Responses to Feedback wanted!

  1. Larry Zink says:

    You use the washy look to great advantage. You might try adding a couple of dark tones for added contrast. Looks great though

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