How can you do it all?

As I mentioned in my last post, I have finally embraced the world of Facebook, with my own art page at

I’ve been a fan of twitter for a while (@lizintheshed) and I use flickr for sharing photos ( Then there is this blog, oh and my website ( and I have just signed up to Artfinder (

How am I going to find time to keep them all fresh and up to date? AND there is the minor point of actually painting something to share on all these wonderful social media. The danger is I will become an expert in being social and a dunce at painting!

However, having said that a painting of mine got chosen on Flickr Explore today. I will confess (quietly) that I have never heard of Flickr Explore, but apparently some clever algorithm chooses interesting pics. I did wonder why 4000 people had hit that particular cow ( It must feel a little like this if something of yours goes viral – super exciting if it is good, but absolutely terrifying if it is something you were hoping to keep quiet!


So how do you manage your on-line life, to make sure it doesn’t stop you living in the real world?


About lizintheshed

Watercolour artist and copywriter, living and working in the Thames Valley.
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