Lost owl

Don’t ask me how, but I have lost an owl. Rather, I have lost a painting of an owl.


Last week I went to Henley Studios, in Henley, to pack up my exhibition (which went really well, thank you for asking). I took a couple of friends, buying their help with a promise of coffee and cake, and we loaded the car up. Somewhere between the wall and the car, my owl went missing. I can only think it got stood up against a wall while we were loading and left. Aargh!

I have tweeted and the Henley Standard kindly retweeted, but no one has come forward with a great grey owl under their wing. So if you have a chance to tweet this or know someone who has acquired a watercolour of an owl recently, please let me know! I hope it has found a good home and not got swept up with the wheelie bins…..


About lizintheshed

Watercolour artist and copywriter, living and working in the Thames Valley.
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2 Responses to Lost owl

  1. Margarethe says:

    It looks like a very free spirit, even among owls, so who knows where it landed! But seriously, that’s a real pity. A great painting

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