Is this an art scam?

I am usually quite savvy and can spot scams a mile off (no I do not want $25m from Nigeria…), and my warning bells ring, but I am interested in knowing if anyone else has been contacted in this way and what the outcome was. I have been drawn into a correspondence which I will be terminating. Though I have removed names in case I am maligning an innocent person!

It started with an email:
Good morning,

I was able to view your work from the website you had it displayed in and unfortunately for me i kind of lost the website but i stored your contact,i will like to ask if you have a piece(s) for sale and can you kindly re-direct me to your website. i will be awaiting to read from you soon.


So being polite I sent a link….

I got an email back:

I was at your website and i was able to see the following Artwork listed below
[list of titles]

Can you kindly give me the prices of each of the Artwork.

I replied with prices and received the following:

Thank you so much for your response, i really appreciate
your efforts towards my purchase.I have finally seen the pieces that am
interested in purchasing and i must say and confess to you that you really have
a lot of attractive works i would have loved to make more purchases but
presently there are limits to my budget so i will be needing the works in the
links below

Secondly I must say that the time you put into the making of those piece
paved a way for it”s uniqueness and attractiveness, the piece will be with
me personally and i am sure it will add tranquility and vigor into the
building and to those who come visiting

Also as regards
payment i would like to use this opportunity to inform you that payment would
be made out to you and drawn from a Uk bank account in order to avoid delays,
so the cheque that would be sent to you for the payment of the items would
include the cost of the item plus shipping fees which means it would
cover the cost of the piece and shipping of the piece.I also have some
collections to be picked up from a province close to you,so as soon as the
cheque as cleared your bank and funds have been made available to you,i would
need you to deduct your own funds for the piece and then have the
remainder of the funds sent to the shipment broker that will come over to your
location to pick up the works from you as soon as funds have been made
available to you and have it delivered safely to me at my residential
address in the Australia

I would inform the shipment
broker as soon as i hear from you .They will just come over at a particular
time and day of your choice to your area to pick-up the piece and then have
them delivered to me, so if this is okay and fine by you i would be needing the
following information’s from you before the payment can be made available to
you and i will be needing your contact details and phone number for the
shipment broker

Much as my ego says how nice someone in Australia wants to buy five paintings, alarm bells are ringing about him sending money to me to pass on to a shipment broker etc. Presumably the cheque would eventually bounce after I’d passed money on.

Ignoring the dodgy English, because heh, Australia has non-native English speakers, have you come across anything similar and what do you think?</em>


About lizintheshed

Watercolour artist and copywriter, living and working in the Thames Valley.
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2 Responses to Is this an art scam?

  1. Jarrett says:

    Well, I received the exact e-mail this morning, though mine was from a Desmond Hayes, and was also written in rather “dodgy english.” I’m thinking scam.

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