Ducks in a row – step by step (or should that be waddle by waddle?)

I have been asked to paint some wild ducks, but without the usual background and complete with feet. My natural inclination is usually to paint half a something and have nice wishy-washy backgrounds so this was going to be a challenge.

I started off simply:


And though there were some parts I liked, I wanted contrast between the hard beak, reptilean legs and feet and the feathers. So I did this one:





It was closer to what I wanted, but I would prefer it to be looser. So I did another and forgot I wasn’t mean to be doing any background:







So the moral of this tale is that sometimes painting the same thing over and over is good for you. Usually I don’t have the time or inclination, but it is good to learn from your own mistakes. Wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to paint everyday, without pressure to produce a specific-something and just for the fun of painting? Just think what progress you could make. Oh well, dream on…


About lizintheshed

Watercolour artist and copywriter, living and working in the Thames Valley.
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