Rainbow cake – a riot of silliness

Ever since I saw a photo , I’ve been looking for an excuse to make a rainbow cake. Yesterday was Mr C’s birthday, so I got out the food colouring:


I like the way the innocent cream cheese icing (NOT frosting) covers a riot of silliness. The layers are a classic Victoria sponge (6 eggs), then I divided it (by eye) into six bowls and used gell colours (the bottle stuff is pathetic and makes your mix sloppy). Luckily I have six tins the same size, but you would need to do it in two-egg batches, if you only have two tins. I cooked them for about 20 mins at gas 4. I was really worried when they came out, as the colours were not bright. The purple one looked like mud-poo – where the browned cake, mixed with the purple underneath. Anyway, I persevered and hoped that once cut their true colours would shine through – and they did.

Next, I made a bucket load of cream cheese icing (100g melted butter, 300g cream cheese, 600g icing sugar and a squirt of lemon – whiz it up) and layered it all. The cakes were super crumbly, so I did a thin layer to seal the outside and stuck it in the fridge for an hour, then did a top layer, so that it looked clean and crumb-free. Just try not to work out how many calories is contained in a kilo of icing….

By the time we sliced it up, it had developed a bit of a list, but so had we (too much bubbly celebrations). Dee-lish.



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Watercolour artist and copywriter, living and working in the Thames Valley.
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