Henley Business School is go!!

I spent a tiring morning hanging my paintings at Henley Business School. Now, I am not thick, but that hanging system almost got the better of me. I had ideas of doing some beautiful aesthetically geometrical hang and in the end it was a bit ‘sod it’ higglydy piggledy. henley

I was stopped in the middle of my efforts by someone offering advice on my ladder technique. I thought he was joking and being a bit flirty, but shortly realised that when he said I should have someone holding my ladder, he wasn’t saying it in an ‘ooh mrs’ way; he really thought I should have a harness, hard hat and hi-viz jacket. By this point I was beyond caring about my physical well-being and just wanted to get the jolly pictures up on the wall, so I smiled sweetly and thanked him for his suggestions…..

I then had the stonkingly good idea of doing a little film of the show – how hard could that be? Hours later, I have to report that neither Hollywood or Bollywood should be concerned. Windows Movie Maker is not the most intuitive software I have ever used.

You can view the result on YouTube, should the Oscars not be grabbing your attention: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMfbjrtBHIs

The show is open until 6 April 2013. The college is very happy for the public to go in – just trolley up to reception and sign in. It is a lovely setting and should the sun peep out from behind a snow cloud, then the grounds by the river are fantastic.


About lizintheshed

Watercolour artist and copywriter, living and working in the Thames Valley.
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2 Responses to Henley Business School is go!!

  1. janstroud says:

    Lovely exhibition – sorry I can’t get there. Good luck – hope you sell loads!

  2. lizintheshed says:

    Thank you. It’s at this point I have a ‘why-do-I-do-this?’ moment, so supportive comments are most welcome!

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