Otter linocut – don’t carve while drinking wine

I have had the urge to paint an otter for a while and then the mood passes. So finally I got round to doing a lino block. I have an exhibition at Henley Business College in a fortnight and it is right by the Thames. Now they don’t get otters there, but I thought the lino cut would feel right at home.

It took a lot longer that usual, as I managed to cut my thumb rather badly (yeah, yeah, I know – always keep your fingers behind the blade). Anyway plasters are a girl’s best friend, so once I stopped the bleeding and decided I didn’t need stitches, I had to give it a bit of a rest. My top lino tip, is don’t drink too much wine while cutting.

I usually try to cut 90% of the block and then do a test print so I can fine tune it. Because of my silly thumb, I did about 80% and you can see the top pic here, followed by a 95%:otterlinoweb

I then tweaked it and yesterday had such a nice afternoon printing it off. First I did some black versions, which I may or may not, tint with watercolours. I printed on a handmade watercolour paper, so I have the option. Then I started doing some chine colle versions. I just love the different effects your can get depending on the papers you choose. Today I have done a turquoise version. I had been planning to do turquoise with silver tissue chine colle, but the glue was playing up and it all ended in a sticky mess.

otterlino2web otterlino3web otterlino4web otterlino5web

You tend to forget all the disasters after a while – luckily!


About lizintheshed

Watercolour artist and copywriter, living and working in the Thames Valley.
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