I resolve….

So what are your New Year resolutions? Do you think it’s a waste of time, or do you make them, ticking each one in turn off your list as you achieve them with ease?

It’s getting towards that time of introspection. You look back at the year and start to recognise the good, the bad, the missed opportunities. Then you look ahead and make rashly wild promises, centering around being a better person – kinder, fitter, healthier…

This year I am going to concentrate on some art resolutions. I thought if I state them publicly then perhaps, just perhaps, I might keep them or be shamed into attempting them.

So in 2013 I will:

1. Get serious – I don’t mean take the fun out of painting and creating, but put it on a firmer footing. I’m busy – mum, wife, self-employed, friend, gardener, cook, cleaner. Somewhere I need to make time for painting, if I am ever to get better or move it from profitable hobby to something more (which is what I would like – ‘professional artist’ has a good ring to it).

2. More – paint more frequently, paint more regularly. I will carve time out of my week to paint. It will get onto my ‘to do’ list and it will get ticked off (gosh, I love a list).

3. Paint for the bin! Don’t paint for the result. Because my time is limited, I often need to turn out a saleable painting from a session. This makes me repetitive and unadventurous. I need to experiment with techniques, subjects, materials. The result might end up in the recycling bin, but I will learn along the way.

and on a related note……

4. Desert my comfort zone. I paint animals and plants – another cow, another dog, another dandelion. I WILL paint a still life, a landscape, a portrait (until I hear the siren call of a cat’s whiskers ….)

5. Believe! People tell me they love my work – for goodness sake they part with real money and buy it. But I am still filled with dread that someone will see the Emperor’s New Clothes for what they are. So I will be more confident in my art and its value (I might even put up my prices…)

6. The jury is out. A few years ago, my ambition was to hang a painting on a wall not my own, then to sell one, then to have a solo exhibition… So now, I want to get a painting in a London venue, so I will enter some open competitions and juried shows.

7. Write it! I write for a living but my (no longer) secret ambition is to write a book about painting, so I will carry on blogging regularly and use it to develop demonstrations and exercises. Likewise, if I will look for opportunities to demonstrate and teach (I am getting carried away now).

8. Connect. Collect and record emails for a better mailing list. Talk to other artists. Tweet, blog, network…. There must be all sorts of interesting, challenging, useful folk out there. Who knows where it might lead?

Phew, eight art resolutions. What have I missed? Let me know and it could kick-start number 8 at least…..


About lizintheshed

Watercolour artist and copywriter, living and working in the Thames Valley.
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