Perfect chocolate cake

Thanks to Felicity Cloake at the Guardian, I have a new cake in my repertoire. It was described as ‘epic’ by my eldest. It’s a bit like a chocolate brownie, sandwiched with butter cream – dense, fudgey, yum. I put a chocolate glaze on the one for the Christmas Fayre, as it looks a bit posher:

250g butter at room temp

250g muscovado sugar

100g cocoa powder

2tsp baking powder

3 large eggs (thanks girls!)

50g dark chocolate melted and cooled

250ml milk

50g chocolate chips

For buttercream:

140g butter

50g cocoa

200g icing sugar

pinch salt

2 tbsp milk

5 Orea cookies (I didn’t have these, but it sounds good)

Grease 2x20cm cake tins. Heat oven to 180C, gas 4. Cream butter, sugar and pinch salt. Sift cocoa, flour and baking powder. Add eggs to butter, beat well, fold in ddry ingredients and melted chocolate. Add enough milk and chips to give soft dropping consistnecy. Bung in tins and bake for 27 mins until firm. For the icing beat ingredients, blitz cookies. Ice middle and top, sprinkle crumbs on top. Eat really quickly before kids and husband…..

I love baking and (I am blushing modestly at the moment) I am quite good at it – prizes in the village show y’know. I think the secret is home-grown eggs. So really pleased to have a good recipe under my belt.


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