Standing between me and my shed are one climbing frame, one small shed and its contents, three compost bins, a hazlenut tree, assorted shrubs – oh and several thousand pounds.  So in true project management style, I am breaking this down into bite size chunks. 

The climbing frame has proved surprisingly easy.

Only my sons’ friends seem to play on it – our boys have outgrown it, so it has to go to make space.  I thought son number two might suddenly become fond of it, but catching him while playing on the DS was a good ploy and he agreed to it going without looking up.  Ian proved equally helpful and took it to pieces without a murmer.  Wokingham freecycle provided at least 20 takers (should I have ebayed it and contributed to the pot??) and now I have a big chunk of space.

If time allows today, I am going to attack the shed.  It will fall down happily – I think only the contents are keeping it upright.  Then we can have a good bonfire.  The question is, what is inside it?  More Freecycle fodder or will it need storing?

The cash to finance the shed is also underway.  I am doing a short term contract for a well know courier company.  It’s proving a bit more full on than anticipated, but each day is another plank.


About lizintheshed

Watercolour artist and copywriter, living and working in the Thames Valley.
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